A bit about myself

Hi! I'm Itai Bar-Haim.

I'm a Client-Oriented kind of guy, most of my experience is writing UI in various technologies (started with X-Motif, then GTK, QT, WinForms, WPF, Web, Some Android).

Writing UI code gave me deep understanding of thread management, performance, and the importance of responsiveness. Also I had to handle a lot of different methods of user input and respond accordingly. UI libraries also have their share of memory issues (handles in Windows, for example), which I learnt how to tackle.

After doing UI in the deep levels for so many years, server side is easy :-)

I'm a fast learner, autodidact. If I want to learn something new, I just start a project with it. It also goes the other way around - if I need to do something using a technology I'm not familiar with, I just learn it "on-the-fly".

I have the attitude of "Get-Things-Done-Right". This means that while I do get things done, I always try to do them the right way. In software this usually means I try to think ahead to allow room for future changes and adaptations.

Presentations and Publications

Personal Life

Married to Nadin and father to Ella.

When I have time I like (surprise surprise!) programming (my own projects), going to Escape Rooms with my wife or with friends, and when I have a good quest game I like solving it.